I am so thrilled to share that this article I wrote on Instagram about what to wear for engagement photos was featured on LOVELUXELIFE yesterday!  As we approach the time of year where more and more couples are getting engaged and planning weddings for the upcoming spring and summer, selecting a great engagement session wardrobe plays a huge part in the difference between good and great photos. Read below for some tips!

1. Dress for the location! Dressing for the location where the shoot will take place is the first step to creating beautiful engagement photos. There are two ways to go with this, the first is what I would call "perfectly appropriate" and the second is "perfectly inappropriate". Perfectly appropriate outfits are outfits you might wear if you were actually IN that location. For example, if your shoot is in a nature park or woodsy area, a perfectly appropriate outfit would probably be fall layers, fitted flannel shirts...basically a well put-together version of something that looks like it belongs in the scene. A perfectly appropriate beach look might be a long flowy skirt or bright resort-wear colors. Perfectly inappropriate outfits can be fun too and add contrast to any location! A perfectly inappropriate nature outfit might be an amazing formal gown or a really striking accessory or prop. The thing to be aware of is to stay FAR FAR away from clothing that is neither really perfect or really imperfect, basically everything that falls into the realm of business casual or matching outfits for the bride and groom. I personally prefer either appropriate outfits or SUPER dramatic. My usual rule of thumb is that if you can wear the outfit to your office on a regular workday, don't wear it to your engagement session!

2. On that note, GET FANCY! Engagement photos are a wonderful opportunity to wear something really stand-out and fabulous. Wearing an outfit that you think is boring or unflattering won't do you any favors, so make sure to choose things that make you feel great! When you feel your best, you're less inhibited and more likely to love the way you look in your photos, so take the extra time to get items tailored for your body the way it is TODAY for a perfect fitting look that you won't be tugging at in every photo.

3. Choose a variety. My engagement sessions are long enough for my clients to wear at least two and sometimes three different outfits. It's important to pick a variety of styles to get different looks. I also absolutely love it when my clients ask my opinion on wardrobe in advance--often we create a shared Pinterest board where they can share their ideas and give me a sense of the style they want to go for. From there, I can make suggestions on similar items that might photograph a bit better or that I know from experience look great.

4. Don't forget the groom! The most important think when choosing outfits is to make sure that both of you look like you belong in the same photo. If you're going with an amazing floor length gown for your shoot, make sure that he isn't wearing a loose button down shirt and flip flops! I love when grooms have one great casual outfit such as dark jeans, a button down shirt, a sweater, and a tie or bowtie underneath to create layers and texture, as well as a more fancy look like a slim cut suit and skinny tie. However, tuxedos and bowties are really fun looks for more dressed up engagement photos, and it's also great to have some mix and match jackets, shirts and bowties on hand to play with as well.

5. Have fun with it! One mistake I see people make quite often is keeping the clothing extremely simple and I dare say boring. Engagement photos are not the last photos you will ever have together...they should be a great example of your style and the current trends. I say, the more fun the better! Don't be afraid to pull out the crazy pattern, a long tulle skirt, or even a fun hat. Creating a look for your engagement photos that you love will make you feel really confident at your shoot, and also inspire your photographer to really make the most of whatever location you choose.