They always told me it would happen. "They grow up so quick", they said, with the smile of a person who had 8 hours of sleep the night before.  "Enjoy every second" they said, with the smile of a person who went to the grocery store alone that morning and then had a quiet dinner where nobody cried or threw anything.  "Oh how I miss little feet running around the house", they said, with the smile of a person whose floors were clean, perfect for entertaining.
Of course I never thought it would happen to me.
But here we are:  Two years and another baby later, and there's a toddler in my house.  Not a little baby anymore.  My little Locke is TWO!
For some reason, Locke turning two was a little more significant to me than when he turned one.  Maybe it's because two is a big kid, a kid who can eat lunch at a table with other kids and have an opinion about his outfit in the morning.  Whatever the case, I decided that TWO was a reason to celebrate!
The first thing I did was decide to throw Locke a party that I thought he would love.  I've been to parties where kids didn't seem to be having any fun, and I did not want that to happen to Locke.  I also wanted his party to be a fun time for Jeff and I to hang with some friends and relax instead of stressing out the whole time.
Finding Nemo party at the park by our house:  Check and Check!
The second thing I did is get A Wish and A Whisk to make an incredible cake for Locke. One that would be fun to look at and delicious.  I had NO idea that the cake would be so fantastic, but when it showed up, I literally could not believe my eyes!


The attention to detail was INSANE and every single item on the cake was EDIBLE!! Yes, all of these little figures was made out of chocolate.  Except maybe the blowfish--it was edible but I'm not sure what it was made out of.  Sometimes magic is best left undiscovered :)


I strung clear-ish balloons to look like water bubbles but they got all tangled up in the car. Say hello to my modern art balloon sculpture!!


Mini fishbowls and photos of Locke sat on the table


I totally forgot to take a photo of the whole setup which was adorable, so here are lots of photos of the birthday boy!
Locke finally understands presents! He went running for this one:


Oh, hi Archer!


Locke + Watermelon = Love


Oh hi again, Archer!


A little family photo (thanks Becker!):


Already in a watermelon coma, but he was a little anxious for that cake to GET IN HIS BELLY:


Thanks Becker for these photos too!


Since there were two cake flavors, it was only fair for him to get to try both! A far cry from last year when he refused his cupcake in favor of a strawberry:


More photos of Lockie:


This little guy has brought Jeff and I more happiness than we ever thought possible. Although so much of the time raising children is hard work, exhausting, frustrating, and downright difficult, there are SO many times lately when we look at him amazed and awed at how awesome he is.  
A few things I love about Locke right now:
He is talking so much and learning things every single day. He has a wonderful personality--he will give anyone a hi-five with either his hand or his face (your choice).  Locke can sit at a restaurant quietly and nicely for well over an hour as long as you keep delicious things in front of himHe is becoming such a great brother!  He always asks "Where's baby Archer" whenever he isn't in the roomHe LOVES flip flops and wears them pretty much every day (but sometimes he can be convinced to wear his "Nemo" converseLocke loves holding Mommy's hand :)He often steals rocks from the gym and I find them stuffed into his pocketsHe can sing a few songs now--sometimes I hear him singing Happy Birthday to himself over the baby monitor
There are hundreds of things I could list here but basically they all come down to my feeling so blessed to have this little guy in our lives:


He is curious and playful and thoughtful:


And those eyes--who can resist!?


I love you little Lockie--Happy 2nd Birthday, Buddy!